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Bellydance & Fire collaborations



Nefertari & MizkaoZ

"Bellydance meets Fire"

Ignite the magical flame at night with a fusion of bellydance and fire!

A perfect fusion of bellydance and fire

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KaoZ Girls

MizkaoZ & Valkyrjaz

KaoZ Girls bring you themed shows on demand!

Crazy sexy cabaret

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A Subtle Alchemy

"Magic, the origin of fire"

Can you grasp fire? Can you tame your inner flame? Can you pass on fire?

Magic and fire! Are you ready to be amazed?

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Moving Fire Arts

"Mystic Fire Theatre"

Mystic Fire Theater is a well choreographed performance, played by a group of powerful fire dance artists. It combines theater acting, flexibility, body arts, acrobatics and high skilled spinning techniques. The whole show radiates the energetic spirit between men and women.

An outstanding fire theatre spectacle

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